Four Reasons Why You Need a Fetlox Clip-On Browband

Four Reasons Why You Need a Fetlox Clip-On Browband - Fetlox

Once you use a Fetlox Clip-On Browband there is no going back!  The concept enables you to change the browband to whatever discipline you are doing, giving you complete flexibility.


Here's our 4 reasons why you need a Fetlox Clip-On Browband in you life!


  1. Save Time - The Fetlox Clip-On system is a quick 2 step system.  Simply unclip your current browband and clip your new one on. Whereas with a regular browbands, you have to undo the whole bridle and then put it back together.  Thus taking up valuable riding time.


Clipping on Browband - Fetlox



2. Easier to clean your tack - Taking your tack apart is a thing of the past, simply unclip your Clip-On Browband, and clean the body of the bridle.


3.  Match with your saddle pad  - We all love matchy matchy don’t we? Why not take it up a notch and match your Fetlox Clip-On Browband with your saddle pad, ear bonnet, bandages or boots. With the easy clip-on system, you can change your browband every day in a matter of seconds.


Fetlox Clip-On Browband Collection - Fetlox


4.  Perfect for head shy horses - Some of our recent customers have stated that the Fetlox Clip-On Browband has been perfect for their head shy horses.  This is because it's a quick, simple process to un-clip and clip-on.




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