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Smart Grooming Deep Purple Whitening Shampoo

Smart Grooming Deep Purple Whitening Shampoo is a conditioning shampoo that helps to neutralise and lift yellow and stubborn stable and grass stains. 

This superb shampoo is gentle but effective and contains essential oils of lavender to soothe sensitive skins. Can be applied neat or diluted depending on the severity of staining. 

For very yellow tails, use neat and directly on the tail. Rub the hair together and lather in well, leave on for a few minutes, rinse and repeat. Spin tail to get worst of the water out, and then apply Smart Grooming's Tame the Mane.  Then brush out carefully and leave to dry.  This will then protect the hair from further staining.  

For great results use in combination with SG Polar White Spray and Lincoln Rubber Sponge Curry Comb.

Size: 500ml

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Customer Reviews

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Lynne W.
Purple shampoo

This shampoo is very good, keeps my very dirty horse super clean

Rachael B.
Great customer service

Great products , prompt delivery and value for money