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Taille: 40cm

Les colliers pour chien Fetlox Beaded sont magnifiquement conçus, cousus à la machine le long du bord extérieur sur un cuir ciré brun plat, fini avec des raccords en laiton.

Vous pouvez choisir l'ajustement parfait pour votre chiot avec 2 styles et 4 tailles, et chacun est livré avec un sac à poussière réutilisable.

Épagneul portant un collier de 45cm

Braque portant un collier de 40cm

Pour garantir un ajustement parfait, jetez un coup d'œil au guide des tailles avant d'acheter pour éviter toute déception !

Customer Reviews

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Blair C.
Excellent Customer Service

I ordered the beaded collar, when it arrived I was exceptionally happy with its look and finish. The quality of the beading was excellent. Very sadly it did not fit my dog.

I emailed the company and they got back to me straight away. I cannot stress enough how helpful and patient they were. They took to time to explain the sizes and send the collars next to measuring tapes so that I could get a better idea, you rarely find that sort of customer service these days. Sadly even the smaller size in the model wouldn’t fit my Miniature Schnauzer however If you have a bigger dog, this product would be excellent and very stylish.

I have now requested a different style of collar but I’m sure the quality will be just as good.

5 stars thus far

Larraine A.
Feeling Happy

Excellent service I needed to exchange because I had ordered incorrect size.
New size sent without delay. Very Very happy with outcome. Thank you to you all very pleased with product looks like a good quality dog collar.

Hannah M.
Great customer service

Beautiful collar. Our fox red lab receives many compliments. Thank you also for a great customer experience.