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Synovium® GASTROSAFE helps support a healthy stomach environment and proper digestive function. It has been developed by a veterinary team and nutrition experts to help supports digestive maintenance. Gastrosafe helps control gastric acidity in horses, whilst also supporting the natural anti-inflammatory processes in the front and hind gut.

Gastrosafe is suitable for horses with poor appetite and performance. It can be fed to all horses during or after veterinary treatment to help support a healthy stomach environment and is a natural alternative to maintain a healthy gut.

Gastrosafe is a scientifically proven Supplement (Applied Equine Nutrition and Training, ENUCO, Vienna 2007 and WEVA, Moscow 2008).

No ingredients in Gastrosafe are listed on the FEI prohibited substances list.

1.5kg Tub (50g p/day 30 day supply = £1.60 p/day)

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Customer Reviews

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Nicola L.
Early days

Only 3 stars at the moment as very early on.
My horse is an ex racer who I brought straight out of training 4 years ago. When I got him I put him on a gut supplement (which is no longer available) as I was aware that high performance horses are prone to hind gut ulcers which by nature are recurring.
Recently he’s started getting quiet ‘girthy’ again and extreme bucking when asked for canter transition. Purchased Gastrosafe after reading the clinical trial results which look to be positive even on grade 4/5 ulcers . He’s still on the loading rate as only been 4 days so another 6 days before he goes onto maintenance rate but already seems less girthy and far more receptive off the leg.
I will update this review after a month of usage.